Panthera Ears

Panthera Ears (Blessed)

Category: Ears

Short and rounded ears, similar to a tiger's ears.

Small Folded Ears (Blessed)

Category: Ears

Like normal folded ears except they are smaller!

Lopped Ears

Lopped Ears (Blessed)

Category: Ears

Long ears that drape past the chest and are rounded at the tips, similar to lop rabbit ears. 

Long Ears

Long Ears (Blessed)

Category: Ears

Ears that are noticeably longer and thinner than Foxy ears. Generally very fluffy at the base.

Panthera Tail

Panthera Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

A thin and long tail with a heavy weight.

Flowing Snow Tails (Blessed)

Category: Tails

Two long tails that are usually longer than body length of an average Kemata. In some cases, they can even grow up to twice the body length! The fur on the tails gracefully flows around in parts.

Elegant Goldfish Fan Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

Similar to the Goldfish Fan tail, this single tail has three long, flowing tail tips that all connect near the base. 

  • Previously known as 'Elegant Fan Tail'
Persian Tail

Persian Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

A long and fluffy tail that is at least five times the size of the body length.

Single Foxy Tail

Single Foxy Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

A single fox-like tail that is about the same size as the Kemata's body length.

3-5 Kitsune Tails

3-5 Kitsune Tails (Blessed)

Category: Tails

Multiple large foxy tails. A Kemata with this trait may sport between 3 up to 5 individual tails.

Star Fan Tail

Star Fan Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

A single, thick tail with 5 tips that fan out in the shape of a star.

Spade Tail

Spade Tail (Blessed)

Category: Tails

A thin tail that has a devilish spade-shaped tip. This tail type may have up to 5 spade segments, whose edges can slightly vary in shape and texture.

Crescent Moon Horns (Blessed)

Category: Horn Shapes

Small sized and Dual Formation only. A set of two horns in the shape of a crescent moon. The horns can be facing in any direction, however must be completely symmetrical.

Star Horns (Blessed)

Category: Horn Shapes

Horns shaped like stars, they aren't tall (about as tall as nub horns) but they are flat and star-shaped.

Shaped Pupils (Blessed)

Category: Physical Traits

Pupils of any shape other than the normal circular shape.

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