Medium Hair (Uncommon)

Category: Hair

The longest this can go is past the chest but not past the legs.

  • Does contribute to the kemata's rarity

Any kematas with hair length that does not follow the descriptor above was accepted prior to these notations! 

Curled Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears
Species: Kemata

These are ears that curl inward, not to be confused with papillon ears. 

Tufted Ears

Tufted Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Little tufts of fur that grow at the eartips. These may be seen on different types of ears. A Kemata's fur texture may also affect the ear tufts!

Trailing Dumbo Ears

Trailing Dumbo Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Dumbo ears that are very wide and long, they tend to touch the ground when the kemata is sitting, they almost always have longer hair on the ear insides!

Rounded Dumbo Ears

Rounded Dumbo Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Ears that carry low on the head and round out at the tips, they are very wide and usually have fur on the insides. 

Folded Ears

Folded Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Ears that fold over and don't perk in any way, however they are still proportional to Foxy ears!

Fennec Ears

Fennec Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Twice as wide and more of a rounded shape compared to Foxy ears.

Winged Ears

Winged Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears
Rigged Ears

Rigged Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears

Ears that fold half way with a slight arch! The tips always point forward, yet never fully downward.

Heartcurled Tail

Heartcurled Tail (Uncommon)

Category: Tails

A large curled tail that lays over the back, the top of the tail fur forms a heart shape

Drifting Tail

Drifting Tail (Uncommon)

Category: Tails

A Trailing Tail that is half its normal length.

Twin Chub Tails

Twin Chub Tails (Uncommon)

Category: Tails

Two thick tails that are similar in shape to a gecko's tail. The fur usually appears flattened but can stick out around the bottom sides. These are about the same length as normal Twin Tails.

Fin Tail

Fin Tail (Uncommon)

Category: Tails

A split tail that curves at the tips like a fish fin, can have additional fins on the tail. Fin tails also do not have to have fur texture.

Halfsies Tails

Halfsies Tails (Uncommon)

Category: Tails

Foxy Tails that are half the size of normal foxy tails

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