Straight Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Fur that grows straight down with no texture

Feathered Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Fur that has curls and waves to it, it's very thick and usually pushes against the body to create an "overlapping" effect.

Spiky Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Fur thats stiff and comes to a point, gives a jagged appearence. 

Clouded Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

A texture similar to wool.

Curly Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Fur that is wavy or curly.

Wavy Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Fur textured with a slight wave to it,  like wavy hair

Seafoam Fur (Common)

Category: Fur Texture

Cannot use this fur texture for the cheeks. However, you can use another texture, such as feather, straight, whispy, etc for the cheek fur texture. 

Medium-short Hair (Common)

Category: Hair

The longest this can go is all the way down to the top of a kemata's shoulders.

  • Does contribute to the kemata's rarity

Any kematas with hair length that does not follow the descriptor above was accepted prior to these notations! 

Papillon Ears (Common)

Category: Ears

Foxy ears with the tips slightly drooping downward, either off to the outer sides or at the front of each ear.

Foxy Ears

Foxy Ears (Common)

Category: Ears
Species: Kemata

The standard ears on Kematas. Large and wide ears that stand about a head and a half tall. Kematas can turn their ears forward and back while observing their surroundings. 

Gentle Ears (Common)

Category: Ears

Foxy ears with a feathered texture to them by default. 

Use Perfect Peach as a reference.

Any kematas that do not follow the description were accepted prior to these notations! 

Mix Matched Ears

Mix Matched Ears (Common)

Category: Ears

One ear up, one ear down! The fold of the ear can be partial or fully folded over. The upright ear can have a slight curve or sit perfectly straight!

Curled Split Tail

Curled Split Tail (Common)

Category: Tails

A Split tail that curls over itself

Cleaved Tail

Cleaved Tail (Common)

Category: Tails

a split tail that goes 4/5ths down the tail and still hold a Y shape with a deeper cut

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