Dragon (Kemata Subtype)

Dragon Kematas are thought to only be in legends. It's speculated there are very few and far between due to their elusiveness.
Unlike other Kemata subtypes, Dragon anatomy can vary greatly--their bodies can appear elongated and serpent-like; bulky and massive like Behemoths.

  • Dragons will usually have scales located anywhere on the body, such as the face, limbs, stomach, etc.
  • All Dragons can have horns, no matter the size, shape, and formation; but is not mandatory.
  • Dewclaws will always be present on the hind paws.

Dragon Base Stats:

  • HP: 35
  • MG: 40
  • ATK: 25
  • DEF: 20
  • RES: 30
  • SPD: 10

They also receive 10 EXP points per level from levels 1-10, 11 from levels 11-20, 12 from levels 21-30, 13 from 31-40, and 14 from 41-50.

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