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Small Crystal Pouch

Category: Equipment

Rarity: 7

Artist: Ampmrm

A small leather pouch filled with small crystals of amethyst, rose quartz, blue lapis, moonstone, and citrine. Each stone was hand-carved by Yurei, ensuring the best quality stones for you!

  • Equippable
    • When equipped during any Activity, Monster Hunt, or Bi-Weekly prompt the equipped kemata may select 1 of the following benefits: 
      • Brings back 2000 opals
      • +50 DEF for one Monster Hunt or Encounter
      • Increases NPC request board chances to 50%
      • During a Bandit Encounter,  there's a50% chance to have bandits drop loot without fighting.
      • Allows the equipped kemata to steal 3 items from the NPC of the activity they are taking part of.


White Hearts Day

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