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Moon Blade

Category: Equipment

Rarity: 6

Artist: restingden

Resale Value: 20000 Opals

  • Equippable; please open this item to get the gear
    • +50 MG
    • +25 ATK
  • Recyclable via Shady Mask
  • Value: $2


Purchasable Item

Crescent Moon Blade

Category: Equipment

A blade shaped like a crescent moon. Some question its practability but it seems to do a good job!


  • Ignores Res and Def when monster hunting at night.
  • 50% chance for all dropped items to be turned into rare drops on monster hunts only.
  • Not stackable
  • Bankable

A Patreon Exclusive Item. Can only be obtained through joining the Patreon

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