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Jewel Beetle

Category: Familiars

Rarity: 3

Resale Value: 5000 Opals

This bright blue beetle has a beautiful iridescent shimmer to them! They're surprisingly hard to spot in the wild, even with that shiny shell they're good at camouflage!

  •  Familiar
    • Species: Insect; Beetle
      • Guarantees 1-3 gems when mining.
  • Limit 1 per kemata 

art by Ampmrm and restingden



Beast Tamer Class

<a href=" Ash Jewel Beetle" class="display-item">Emerald Ash Jewel Beetle</a>

Emerald Ash Jewel Beetle

Category: Bugs

Agrilus planipennis

Kematas of olden days would use the wings of the jewel beetle to create unique jewlery. To this day this practice is still used and many jewelry pieces have jewel beetle wings as accents to things such as opals or rubys! This particular Jewel beetle can be found living on ash trees. They burrow tunnels to lay their eggs and the larvae eat the tree until they reach their final stage. These little bugs sell for a pretty penny and are highly sought after by Jewlery crafters

  • Crafting Item
  • Found in Green Coast Bay
  • Value of 1500 opals
  • Discovered by lyari's Ryiah

Artwork by FiretailCat

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