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White Horangi

Category: Custom Familiars

Artist: Ampmrm

A Horangi that is white in color. Fiesty but loyal, will defend its owner till death.

  • Custom Familiar
    • Species: Horangi
      • On activities, brings back +1000 opals and gives +2 exp when equipped
      • Additionally, on monster hunts, brings back 1 additional rare item.
  • Resale Value: $10
  • Owned by FiretailCat
<a href="" class="display-item">Horangi</a>


Category: Familiars

Rarity: 6

Resale Value: 30000 Opals

  • Familiar
    • Species: TigerĀ 
      • Brings back 1 additional item during a Monster Hunt
      • Brings back +200 additional Opals on any activity
  • Limit: 1 per kemata
  • Value: $3


Purchasable Item

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