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Friendship Bracelet

Category: Equipment

Rarity: 5

Artist: restingden

A minimalist and cute bracelet that serves as a reminder of the happy things in life.

  • Equippable
    • All kems who have this equipped in the same Activity/Monster Hunt will copy each other's BASE reward items/base reward quantities in addition to their own rewards.
      • Wearers own earned base rewards do not increase.
        • Additional items earned are from the other kems who also have the bracelet equipped 
          • When using, please link all the other kematas in the same roll that have this equipped.
    • If Julian is depicted, all rewards during an Activity/Monster Hunt/Prompt will also be doubled for this kemata!
      • Means they get the base quantities from friends and the double on top of that!
  • Limit 1 per kemata.


A Special Party; Weekly Prompt 28