Tuna Roll

A skillfully prepared tuna roll. It has a bit of a spicy kick to it!

  • One Use Item
    • Restores 30 HP
    • +10 RES for one turn
  • Value: 350 Opals
<a href=" Diamond" class="display-item">Small Diamond</a>

Small Diamond

you can marry someone with this one but also maybe not it's pretty small

  • Found in Green Coast Bay
  • porpoise
  • Value: --
  • Discovered by lyari's Jolted

Activity Pass

Category: Key Items

Can submit one extra entry for each activity per week. Does not stack.

<a href=" Guide I" class="display-item">Recipe Guide I</a>

Recipe Guide I

Category: Key Items

Rarity: 2

Artist: Stock Art

Resale Value: 3000 Opals

Part 1 of the Recipe Guide series. Whoever possesses this guide will be able to cook the secret recipes from within.



Red Wind Hills

Drops From:

<a href=" Hunting Permit S" class="display-item">Monster Hunting Permit S</a>

Monster Hunting Permit S

Category: Key Items

Rarity: 4

Resale Value: 3000 Opals

Small Monster Hunting Permit
A must-have permit before you can take on small monster hunts.

  • Value: 3000 Opals

String of Beads

Category: Custom Equipment

A collection of power-infused beads strung up in a necklace.

  • +10% chance of running into a secret monster, brings back x1000 opals
  • Custom Equipment

Solar Retribution

Category: Custom Equipment

A reflector with the power to reflect an enemy's attack back on them.

  • Has a 50% chance to reflect half the enemy's damage back on them and heal the user that amount as well; has a 20% chance to reflect the enemy's full damage back on them and heal the user that amount as well.
  • Custom Equipment

Power Glove

Category: Custom Equipment

1/6 chance to activate during Monster Hunts. When active, ATK is doubled for one turn.

Golden Flower Earring

Category: Custom Equipment

Doubles total calculated HP and RES; permanently equipped

  • Custom Equipment

Blue Moonstone Adornment

Category: Custom Equipment

Guarantees a random Opal reward between 1-30000 during any activity; permanently equipped

  • Custom Equipment

Painted Bones

Category: Custom Equipment

Allows for 1 additional demon to be summoned during monster battles and increases magic by 15%

Dragon Fangs Necklace

Category: Custom Equipment

Increases magic by %5

Sheer Blue Ribbon

Category: Custom Equipment

+10% to all base stats; permanently equipped

  • Custom Equipment

Pirouette Fishing Rod

Category: Custom Equipment

Brings back 1 ~ 3 additional fish from Fishing Activity; 10% chance of finding one additional rare item from any activity; permanently equipped

Wishing Star

Category: Custom Equipment

A large chunk of star that came from space, glows with a soft blue center.

  • Custom Equipment:
    • Brings back a random amount of opals between 1-1,000,000. 
    • Brings back 5 additional items at the end of any activity, prompt, monster hunt, NPC request board, and Secret monster hunt.

  • Permanently equipped to Lunar Dust

Exquisite Floral Blanket

Category: Custom Equipment

Doubles total calculated DEF and RES; permanently equipped

Hyozan's Red Thread

Category: Custom Equipment

A brilliant red thread from Hyozan's sash that grants immunity to all status effects; permanently equipped

Hand-Woven Basket

Category: Custom Equipment

Guarantees 1 additional item from any activity, duplicates the first reward from any prompt; permanently equipped.

Jelly Fish Sting

Category: Custom Equipment

Prevents a monster from attacking for one turn, increases attack by 5% during battle; permanently equipped

Brave Sword

Category: Custom Equipment

  • Equippable
    • +50 ATK
    • +50 MG
    • +25 SPD
  • Permanently equipped to Time Traveler
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