Class Master ・ Part of Lux Concord (Class Master)


High Theurgist Couati

  • Name: Couati 
  • Nicknames: Yote, Coyote (without e sound) 
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 108 cm
A tender and soft spoken Kem who has a curiousity towards bones of various creatures. He experiments with their bones to discover new use of magics and cures for ailments. He believes bones are the catalyst in curing any ailments, even fears. He's highly sought after for his wisdom since he's such an approachable kemata. His keen eyes of observation can see through most common sicknesses and disease
  • A curious Kemata that collects the bones of various animals and creatures to experiment in different magic uses. He believes bones can cure any ailments and even cure fears. 
  • Soft spoken, wise, observant, cautious