Activity NPCs

Bug Catching NPC

Owner of The Beetle Hut

  • Name: Link
  • Nicknames: Lonk, Grasshopper
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 89 cm
  • Birthdate: 08/03

Some ways to describe Link: Green kem with deep blue hair, Blue striped fur with green undercoat.  Kem with beetle markings

Link has a dire love for all things winged and crawly. No bug phases him, even those a bit more on the deadly side. He’s called grasshopper often as he can be seen jumping from one spot to the next while on the hunt for his precious friends. He owns a large bug exhibit called The Beetle Hut where he houses his most prized bugs. He takes the utmost care to ensure his friends have all they need and keep their glass tanks shiny and clean. He is very textbook savvy and will take any opportunity to teach others about bugs and correct them on any misinformation. He also prides himself in his bug surgery skills and also helping bugs recover from things such as lost limbs and missing wings. His favorite foods are anything that can be taken on a picnic and in his spare time, he can be found playing his favorite game frolf, a game where you use frogs to golf. He prefers this game because he can beat up frogs by launching them in the air. Even though he loves bugs with all his heart he does have one species he would rather avoid at all costs, wasps. He finds that they don't benefit the world of VS much as they often kill productive bugs such as bees and spiders. When he's upset or frustrated he’ll do a full cleanout of all of his bug tanks and talk to them about his feelings, he feels they’re easier to talk to than kematas are. 


Link to The Beetle Hut                           Link to Bug Catching Prompt

Associated Items

Limited-Use Items: Pheromones and Honey Lollipop

Equipment: Beetle Brooch and Insect Terrarium