Activity NPCs

Indoor exploration NPC

Owner of The Glass Stained Emporium

  • Name: Celes
  • Nicknames: Bookworm, Coffee Geek
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 93 cm
  • Birthdate: 08/06

Some ways to describe Celes: Purple kem with red glasses, Lavender kem with darker purple accents

Celes is a bubbly kemata filled with passion for arts and crafts, but also coffee. Her dream is to become a barista but somehow she ended up inheriting The Glass Stained Emporium from her great grandmother at the time of her passing. She’s always loved arts and crafts but it conflicts with her love for baking and  coffee making. She always keeps her shop tidy and all fabrics and yarns color coordinated. Any kem that stops by her shop on a rainy or cold day can always be found being offered tea from Celes. During summer and spring time she will make cold coffee instead. Her favorite foods are strawberries and coffee brûlée cake. Her best friend Kisa can be found by her side at all times, of course when she isn’t training kems. The two will come up with all sorts of crazy projects to do that rarely get finished. Once they tried to make a whole parade float of knitted items, and gave up two days after they had started the project. “It’s too much work!” Celes hates rude kematas that act rude without a valid reason. She is not a kem that  believes the “customer is always right” and will not hesitate to put a pair of scissors to a kems throat if they’re being disrespectful to her. Her most beloved friend is Orion, her young black and white flibb who is often found cuddling up with any kem that walks through the door. Celes’ biggest fear is debt. She is a kem that keeps on her toes with paying all of her bills and credit cards on time. She often over pays and still stresses about missing a payment. She is allergic to mangoes, but can eat mango flavored things as long as it's artificial.


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Associated Items

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals, Enchanted Dice, and Pawbucks Coffee

Equipment: Big Round Glasses and Soft Silky Ribbon

Familiars: Knitted Orion Plush