Activity NPCs

Fishing NPC

  • Name: Nevi
  • Nicknames: ViVi, Calm breeze, easy breezy
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Birthdate: 09/15

Some ways to describe Nevi: Blue Kem with brown locks, Blue kem

Nevi might not seem like much at first glance, but in his past he was a very high ranking Barbarian. He fought in many bloody battles with large monsters and kems who dared challenge him. He would work out every day to be as strong as possible, but eventually grew bored with the barbaric lifestyle he had carved for himself. He convinced himself he had to find a different type of opponent, one that could actually put up a fight, a typhoon. He stood at the sturdiest of harbors and held steadfast as winds and waves of water brushed past him. While the waves rolled over him a large marlin rushed towards him. It did little to affect him as he grabbed the large fish with his powerful paws and held it in place until the typhoon passed. The rush of wrestling with the fish gave him a new sense of excitement as he decided to pursue fishing as his new life purpose. Along the way he learned a lot of patience and understanding, observing nature around him and realizing how dangerous it truly could be. This makes him relax entirely, long past were the days of working out and being swollen. He could be found in a boat or at a dock just sitting and waiting for the freshest fish. Eventually he was taken under the wings of a master sushi chef where he found his second passion, food. He worked hard and tirelessly to master his art and finally made his own restaurant, Marlin Bay. His current personality is very lax and laid back. Kematas feel a sense of comfort when speaking with him as he is a good listener. Kems often try to rob him but he will talk them down from their violent tendencies and give them what they need and a nice free meal to boot. He tries his best not to judge others as one can never tell what life has in store for those around us. If he isn’t serving up the best sushi in Maple Town, he can be found out at the Green Coast Bay shoreline fishing for the biggest marlins. 


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Associated Items

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals and Tuna Roll

Equipment: Shark Tooth Necklace, Damascus Knife, Chef's Apron, and Wooden Swordfish Necklace