Activity NPCs

Free range exploration NPC

  • Name: Clifton
  • Nicknames: Cliff, Goggles boi, Jack of all trades
  • Full name: Clifton Jerias Barrington Von Geffiken 
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Birthdate: 06/05

Some ways to describe Clifton:Gray and Tan kem, Tri colored kem with tan points, Midnight  blue haired kem

A Kem with a huge sense of adventure. He came from a wealthy family but left when he was of age to pursue his dreams of mapping out all the unexplored lands of Val-shenn. Once his family heard what his goals in life were they cut him off entirely, he seldom speaks of them. He never worked a day in his life before that so finding odd end jobs was what ended up keeping him alive. He does enough to scrape by but it bothers him none. He only needs enough for food and camping supplies! It took a long while for him to actually learn how to use a compass correctly. Once when he was a kit he was in Sprite Scouts but it didn't last long as his family disliked the idea of him getting dirty and learning survival skills. He dug deep back to those memories and tried to build off of them to become the best explorer he can be. When he’s not exploring he can be found outside of Light City on his favorite stump, now referred to as “Clifton’s Stump”. He sleeps and eats off of this stump, the only exception is when its raining. Other places he can be found are at restaurants, doing eye embroidery for Celes on her paw made plushies, or random odd end jobs. Although his confidence is through the roof he does fear a few things, namely dolls and wasps, the most commonly feared bug in VS. Clifton exudes confidence and positivity, sometimes it can be emotionally draining for kematas more on the shy or introverted side. He has no issues with being physically affectionate with kematas he doesn’t know. He loves to tell dad jokes and adores smores with all his soul. He is usually playful and bouncy but becomes a completely different kem when it comes to map making. He will scope out the highest cliff possible to get the best view of the area he’s mapping. 


Link to Exploration Prompt

Associated Items

Equipment: Rusty Compass, Trusty Goggles, Atlas, and 'Real' Pearl

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals

Crafting Materials: Paper