Activity NPCs


Owner of Berlioth Tusk

  • Name: Nyra
  • Nicknames: Speed
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 98 cm
  • Birthdate: 07/19

Some ways to describe Nyra: The pink and orange striped kem

Nyra is confident and sarcastic all at the same time. She does her best to encourage others but can get annoyed by those who are constantly down on themselves. She feels this way as she helped her husband, Arkin, start hunting again after a major injury from the Berlioth. She started hunting when she was about 5 years old with her father, who taught her everything he knew along with those before him. By the time she was 10 her small village relied heavily on her to protect them from the monsters that would show up randomly throughout the night. Eventually she saw this as a job opportunity and started traveling to nearby towns and eventually cities to rid them of pesky demons. Along her travels she came across a young Arkin, he was 3 years younger than her but had a lot of spunk. The two disliked each other from first glance. Apparently he had also heard that monster hunting cashed in well and she took offense to that. And as the story goes the pair eventually became married. She taught Arkin all she knows, the best way to track monsters, how to set up traps, where to scope for certain species, all of it. They dream of having a kit together someday but worry that their lifestyle might be a bit too hectic for a little one right now. Arkin is quick to get jealous over Nyra as her overflowing confidence and bubbly personality tend to attract other kems to her. Regardless of this she knows where her loyalties lie. She does her best to teach kemata traditional means of hunting and braiding fur to ensure no loss. She prides herself in her knowledge that was passed down to her so that she can share with others. Her hobbies outside of hunting are killing spiders for Arkin and gardening. She can often be found pestering Asami for information on plants that deter monsters from villages, but also what vegetables yield the most for each season. 


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Associated Items

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals and Arcane Dust

Equipment: Valkyrie Helm, Chain Scythe, and Ring of Eternity