Activity NPCs Born: 25 April 0000 - Died: Unknown


Owner of Berlioth Tusk

  • Name: Arkin
  • Nicknames: Kin
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Birthdate: 04/25

Some ways to describe Arkin: The battle-torn kem, the heavily scarred kem, muted orange kem with a crooked tail

Large and powerful, Arkin is what many monster hunting focused kems strive to be like. He has always been more of a loner type of kem after losing his team to a Berlioth, the largest monster currently existing in val-shenn. To this day the monster still travels across Val-Shenn, Arkin relentlessly battles against it every time they cross paths, but to no avail. It not only took his friends from him but also broke his tail into pieces and ripped away his long elegant fur, causing him to look his current tattered self. His end goal is to take down the Berlioth before he dies. Eventually he changed from being a loner to having a partner always at his side, his wife Nyra. The two originally met as rivals, every time Arkin went hunting, she would end up trailing the same monster as him. The pair kept running into each other so often that they eventually settled on  a competition to see  who could take down the most monsters. As time passed they grew closer together. When Arkin was injured during his first hunt with the Berlioth, Nyra stood by his side and kept him healthy until he could fight again. While he regained his strength she would battled alongside him, doing most of the heavy damage and allowing him to make the final blows. Now the couple fight in perfect sync, Nyra does the quick attacks while he holds the monsters at bay, sometimes Arkin lets her get the final blow. Even given all of his battle scars and stories he is a gentle giant. He seldom says much for encouragement, but his expressions can tell one clearly what his thoughts are. He prefers to tag along with inexperienced hunters to ensure their safety, and join hunts for larger monsters for the thrill. The only thing he fears is losing his important ones. He will lock up if a kemata gets heavily hurt while on his team, Nyra will often push him out of his lock out. However if Nyra gets injured he will go berserk and will beat a monster with his hammer into a bloody pulp. Oh, he also fears spiders but he will do his best not to let other kems know. When he isn't hunting he can be found reading in their library. His favorite things to read are kemata history and lore of the gods.


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Associated Items

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals and Fortifying Dust

Equipment: Reinforced Chestplate, Damascus War Hammer, and Ring of Eternity