Activity NPCs

Herbalism NPC

Owner of Forget Me Nots

  • Name: Asami
  • Nicknames: Princess, ‘Sami, Salami (only by tozoku though)
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 96 cm
  • Birthdate: 06/13

Some ways to describe Asami: Elegant kem with purple and pink divide, Purple fading into pink kem with white hair

A princess coming from a distant land. She holds herself in a very elegant manner and always does her best to make everyone smile. Believes in "if you smile at someone they will always smile back at you." She was sheltered as a kid so she doesn't know much about the world and the technology involved. Innocent, she trusts everyone without question. Regardless of this though she lets her love of flowers be known. She is a natural nurturer and loves all plant life, even down to the weeds. She can often be found hanging out with her boyfriend Tozoku or tending to her green house behind her shop, Forget Me Nots. She keeps her princess life a secret as she worries kems will only see her for her money and not her personality. Even though she's gentle she does have a sassy side and once its struck she will not let an argument down. She’ll start using large words to belittle kems who question her intelligence. She can also be passive aggressive as she prefers to avoid conflict but will let others know by talking poorly about them to her flibb Japan. When she feels lonely she can be found on the roof top of her shop staring at the stars or cloudy skies when it's about to rain. She’ll also over attend to her flowers often killing a few due to over watering or rushing of soil transplants. She has claustrophobia which explains why shell often be found out in open places and her spaces have little clutter. 

Loves small things and gold, positive, calming, cheerful, warm smiles, makes others fall in love with her without knowing it.


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Associated Items

Cooking Ingredients: Cilantro

Limited-Use Items: Bag of Opals and Parcel of Cookies

Equipment: Gold Diamond Bracelet and Moonlit Plant Sapling

Crafting Materials: Bag of Random Seeds