Gummy Shark


A Gummy Shark's body is similar to a gummy candy--soft and jiggly! Their teeth are also the same way, they can't pierce through anything so these guys swallow their food whole. Gummy Sharks also come in different shades of cyan, blue, and purple. Sometimes pink! These aggressive little critters average 3ft long and 2ft in diameter.

Gummy Sharks like to stay together in small schools, rarely venturing too far from each other. They don't have a hierarchy of sorts, they just kinda hang out and nibble on random things. Gummy Sharks absolutely love eating candy, or objects that look like candy such as gems!

Due to their somewhat small size, some hunters capture Gummy Sharks and sell them to wealthy kematas keep in personal aquariums. 

    Gummy Shark Stats:

    • HP: 35 
    • ATK: 9
    • DEF: 13
    • MG: 3
    • RES: 10
    • SPD: 15

    Magic Vulnerabilities:

    • Glacial, Iron

    Once defeated, a Gummy Shark may drop these items:

  • Gelatin
  • Blueberries
  • Jiggly Hide
  • Gummy Shark Candies
  • Large Fishing Hook
Location Found In

Unlocked Areas: Green Coast Bay

Associated Items:

Potion Ingredients: Gelatin

Cooking Ingredients: Blueberries

Crafting Materials: Jiggly Hide

Limited-Use Items: Gummy Shark Candy

Equipment: Large Fishing Hook