Gummy Gator


Gummy Gators love hiding in shallow pools of water. They wait for the right moment then CHOMP!! Their teeth may look squishy, but never EVER let your guard down with these guys! Once they have something in their maw, they won't let go! Gummy Gators thrive both in water and on land, scuttling up to 10 meters per second! Imagine a jiggly chomping monster scuttling towards you at such an alarming speed. Hilarious but also very terrifying.

These fiesty creatures are quite clumsy due to their long, stiff yet squishy body structure. Gummy Gators average 10 ft long, with their tail around the same size as their torso.

Fun fact: if you flip a Gummy Gator onto its back, it will struggle to turn itself over, much like a turtle!

    Gummy Gator Stats:

  • HP: 40 
  • ATK: 20
  • DEF: 10
  • MG: 0
  • RES: 10
  • SPD: 15

    Magic Vulnerabilities:

  • None

    Once defeated, a Gummy Gator may drop these items:

  • Gelatin
  • Mango
  • Squishy Hide
  • Gummy Gator Candies
  • Froggy Plushie
Location Found In

Unlocked Areas: Green Coast Bay

Associated Items:

Potion Ingredients: Gelatin

Crafting Materials: Squishy Hide

Cooking Ingredients: Mango

Limited-Use Items: Gummy Gator Candies

Equipment: Froggy Plushie