Ominous Kitsune


Foxes that die have a chance of turning into an Ominous Kitsune. Each individual monster wears a unique mask, and it is speculated that the facial expression reflects its previous life.

The blue flames surrounding this monster is thought to be the soul of a fox. Small flames indicate a fledgling Kitsune. In contrast, large flames nearly engulfing its body means this monster became as such, long, long ago.

    Ominous Kitsune Stats:

    • HP: 30 
    • ATK: 6 
    • DEF: 5
    • MG: 9
    • RES: 10
    • SPD: 20

    Magic Vulnerabilities:

    • Light

    Once defeated, an Ominous Kitsune may drop these items:

  • Fox Fur
  • Fox Tail
  • Fox Mask
  • Fox Skull
  • Fox Fire
Locations Found In

Unlocked Areas: Calico Woods and Kibali Shrine

Associated Items:

Crafting Materials: Fox Fire, Fox Skull, Fox Mask, Fox Tail, and Fox Fur