Calico Snake


Calico Snakes are native to the perpetually autumn forest, Calico Woods. These creatures come in a variety of colors, most of which share Calico or Tortoiseshell markings. Some color mutations, such as leucism, have been reported as well.

These snakes are very large, averaging 15ft long and 2ft in diameter. Despite their massive size, Calico Snakes are generally passive and seemingly lazy. They spend the majority of their time dwelling in the deep puddles of water that connect underground throughout the Calico Woods.

    Calico Snake Stats:

    • HP: 25
    • ATK: 10
    • DEF: 10
    • MG: 1
    • RES: 4
    • SPD: 10

    Magic Vulnerabilities:

    • Shock

    Once defeated, a Calico Snake may drop these items:

  • Snake Meat
  • Snake Skull
  • Beast Fang
  • Snake Egg
  • Snake Oil
Location Found In

Unlocked Areas: Calico Woods

Associated Items:

Crafting Materials: Snake Oil, Snake Egg, Beast Fang, Snake Skull, and Snake Meat