Skellies are undead canines that rest underground during the day, and roam the overworld when night falls. These creatures have an insatiable hunger for flesh and will devour anything that moves. The remains of its victims are not actually consumed for obvious reasons, so these monsters are considered as pests.

Due to their lack of muscules and tissue, Skellies are quite clumsy and appear "wobbly" when moving. Despite this, Skellies are still pretty agile, reaching speeds of up to 30 MPH. How do they move? Some say a magical curse was laid across the land, others say it's Kazan's doing. Nobody really knows.

If a foul, pungent stench can be faintly detected, it means a horde of Skellies are about a mile away.

    Skelly Stats:

    • HP: 25
    • MG: 3
    • ATK: 10
    • DEF: 5
    • RES: 7
    • SPD: 15
    Magic Vulnerabilities:
    • Pyrus

    Once defeated, a Skelly may drop these items:

  • Beast Fur
  • Small Fang
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Large Bone
  • Large Skull
Location Found In

Unlocked Areas: Red Wind Hills

Associated Items:

Crafting Materials: Beast Fur, Large Skull, Large Bone, Rotten Flesh, and Small Fang