Green Slime


Amorphous, acidic, sentient blobs that can be found anywhere. Green slimes are extremely resilient--they can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures, do not need to feed regularly, have no bone structure, and will stick to anything. Wherever a Green Slime treads, random things will get stuck inside of them, so it is common to see bones, food, and even money floating around in there.

Green Slimes reproduce by getting caught on something and leaving behind a glob of slime. This glob, if not treated immediately, will resume growth by constantly absorbing nearby objects. Slimes can also combine into one massive form without realizing.

These weird creatures lack intelligence and honestly have no idea what they're doing.

    Green Slime Stats:

    • HP: 20
    • ATK: 3
    • DEF: 8
    • MG: 1
    • RES: 8
    • SPD: 10
    Magic Vulnerabilities:
    • Water

    Once defeated, a Green Slime may drop these items:

  • Green Slime
  • Small Bone
  • Honey Comb
  • Bronze Coin
  • Hot Dog
Location Found In

Unlocked Areas: Red Wind Hills

Associated Items:

Crafting Materials: Small Bone, Green Slime, and Honey Comb

Treasure: Bronze Coin

Limited-Use Items: Hot Dog