Verum Pax

Kemata Faction

Can be joined by characters.


This faction strays from the traditional ideas of their brethren, preferring to live in the gray areas of the world. The members of this faction live are viewed as independent and open-minded, and are driven by their own moral code.



Verum Pax does not have faction-exclusive magic. Instead, each class has a unique passive skill to aid them in battle.

Member Figures

Class Master: Herc, Griff, Yurei, Dawn, and Tozoku

Magic Master: Tomoe and Zeke

Faction Ranks


Class Masters

Herc, Griff, Yurei, Dawn, Tozoku

Member Ranks

Neophyte (0 Standing)
Adept (20 Standing)
Savant (40 Standing)

Members: 34 ・ See All