Spooky Day


Okay okay, hear me out: A couple of buddies and I were exploring around this f-forest, alright? Everything was fun and cool until we saw what we thought was an all white figure disappear right in front of us!! I never believed in the urban legends about kematas going missing about the forest, but when we all ran chicken I couldn’t find my friend!

I’m so worried about them, but I’m too scared to look myself… The forest is pretty big and actually intimidating; I don’t even know why we were playing around the dumb place anyways.


P-Please, I’m begging you, can you find my friend? We all pitched in for a reward, too!



It’s the spookiest month of the year, can your kemata be even spookier? Or cuter!


Dress up your kemata in costume, something like a monster, your favorite hero or even food! Be creative and have fun!