Black Opals

Displays as: 0 Black Opals
Held by: Users
  • Can only be obtained during Events.

Crafting EXP

Displays as: 0 Crafting EXP
Held by: Characters

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by: Characters

Standing in a given faction.


Displays as: 0 Opals
Held by: Users

In modern times, the Val Shenn Opal is the main currency used amongst all Kematas.

Opals come in a variety of colors, which dictate its value. Pale, iridescent white Opals are the most common, while dark, dazzling Opals with bright colors are extremely valuable.

With Opals, one may be able to purchase items such as tools or potions. Likewise, a Kemata could sell some of their treasures for a fair price.

Art work done by: Henrique Lazarini (a.k.a.: Ails)

Paper Hearts

Displays as: 0 Paper Hearts
Held by: Users

A small origami heart made with red paper.

You can use these in the Lovely Shop!

Staff Opals

Displays as: 0 Staff Opals
Held by: Users

Staff Opals.

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