Brethren at War

Kemata Lore

        Kazan and Hyozan, the Two God Brethren, are responsible for the creation of Val Shenn and all life forms which reside in the world. The Two Gods are brothers, and though they clash, one absolutely cannot exist without the other. Shrines and temples dedicated to the Two Gods are built all over the land in order to appease them. 

The Two Gods created scriptures about their powers, creations, and predictions. Anything written by the Gods has been separated by the ancients and sealed away long ago, perhaps due to the potential dangers the world may face if possessed wrongfully. The locations of each piece of writing are unknown to this day.

The Coliseum in (region/city) was built ages ago, in which tournaments were, and still are, held in both Kazan and Hyozan's honor.