Light II

Magic Levelling (II)
Hyozan's Golden Light, Light II


You glance about you as you study the smooth marbled floors, the light plays blissfully against the smooth slabs. The ceiling above towers over you, it felt it was at least 50 feet tall. Paintings of Kematas past and the lore of Hyozan and his companions fill every inch of the roof. The molding appeared to be a warm oak which complimented the paintings well. You can't help but attempt to study every character, every expression and stroke of the brush painted by kematas long past. Your eyes bring your attention back to a large golden statue of Hyozan, his proud stature represented well in his pose. A soft cream kemata makes his way towards you, a soft bow and a "welcome" leaves his lips. "Welcome to Hyozan's Golden Light Chapel." His ear tufts bounce with every step he makes towards you. A black bow with golden feathered arrows sit along his back. "We train the strongest light magic users that Hyozan himself has ever seen, he is a proud God who takes few under his paws and allows them to be blessed with the purest magic, Light. If you're here I'm to assume you are seeking guidance in the way of mastery?" You nod at his practically glowing demeanor. He smiles warmly, "Then come, Hyozan foretold me of our meeting, I will not disappoint you."




Icarus challenges you to prove yourself in mastering the art of Light Magic! In order to prove your worth you must select 3 out of the 10 prompts listed below:

Prompt 1: 
During a fine day of bow training in a forest, Icarus’s baseball bat arrow flung pretty far and pretty hard against a side of a cliff. Not only was Icarus happy his new ‘arrows’ worked, but the ‘arrow’ chipped off a piece of wall from the cliff showing glistening sparkles of gold. Icarus immediately dropped his bow and started swinging his bat at the cliff wall. “DID YOU KNOW THERE IS GOOOLLDD HERE? COMEONANDHELPMEGETMOARGOLD.”. Help Icarus get some GOOOLLDD.

Prompt 2:
Icarus had broken his paw and so you two went to a nearby hospice to get him some needed help. You can hear Petra gloating about how much she ate the past holiday without gaining so much of an ounce until she saw Icarus, then the conversation flipped to how much weight she lost over the holiday. Once You two made it up to the counter, she leaned in close to Icarus and said, “Well, hello Goldie~ Is there something I can help with today?” Her eyes and smile suggested something else, but Icarus wasn’t taking the hint. “Yes, actually! How did you know?” He waved his broken paw. Petra looked defeated, but she didn’t give up and Icarus wasn’t just getting the message. Play wingman to help get the message through.

Prompt 3: 

It’s the bottom of the ninth and Icarus shoots the last arrow, getting a perfect score in succession. The buzzard signaling the end of the round with Icarus as the winner. His eyes lit up with his tail flailing about, Icarus started to leap in place with excitement, “HA! I WIN. LOSERS. You smell that? That smells like the back end of a Skelly WITHOUT WIPING AFTER.” He points fingers at the opposing team, gloating and rubbing his victory in their faces. “MAN. I AM awesome. Who? Me! Icarus! Who’s not awesome? YYOOUU.” He just wouldn’t stop. Members of the other team dropped their bows and started to walk towards Icarus, while others adjusted their sights on their bows at Icarus. Oh, no. Icarus is too self-absorbed to realize what's about to happen to him. Get him out of here!

Prompt 4:
After a hot day of winning at the Field Archery play-offs, Icarus wants to treat you both with some cold noodles at his favorite noodle joint. You’re seated across a table with two kems who are having a cold noodle showdown with a small crowd huddling around them. Icarus was shocked by how many bowls they stacked up, so with fire in his eyes and a pit in his stomach, he ordered 15 bowls of cold noodles to out match the duo. Without a second thought to his culinary madness, he starts to chug bowl after bowl. Smack some sense into him before he does more harm than good.

Prompt 5:
Stray demons have been sited around a plot of land that was going to be used for a large playground for kits, so the Icarus was hired to purify the land. Purifying land is sort of like using a repellent that wards demons and monsters off. “Ok, so what you’re going to do is concentrate your magic at the tip of the arrow, or anything I guess, then you want to strike an area with it. It’s kind of like blasting paint across a canvas!” Icarus shoots an arrow, arching it across the land and hitting a point where you can light magic dispersing in a large area. He winks, “Go ahead! Give it a shot!”

Prompt 6:
Rain pours down outside the chapel. Icarus ushers in some homeless kems and offers them some food and a place to rest for the night as thunder cracks against the sky.  You gather some towels to help the kems dry off for the night when a blast of lightning strikes the roof of Hyozan's Golden Light. The lights snap off, causing the younger kits in the chapel to whimper with fear as a second wave of booming thunder sounds. Icarus playfully reassures the kits, "There is no place in the dark that Hyozan's light cannot reach." He twists his paws around and forms his light magic into the shape of a golden rose, illuminating the dark chapel. He glances over to you, suggesting you come help keep the kits comforted while he goes and fixes the lights. Do your best to keep the kits from crying, Icarus and Hyozan are watching you.

Prompt 7:
While exploring with your team you decide to wander into a cave. The cave is well lit with bioluminescent algae and shimmering stones. You stare in awe at the beauty before you and your team does the same. Admiring the very world the gods have created for kematas to thrive in. You bow your head in respect to Mother Val-Shenn, but while doing so one of your partners trips and tumbles right into you, sending the whole lot into a wall, causing the old and wet walls of the cave to crumble and seal off the entrance to the cave. Without the light the algae and stones grow dim. You can hear the worry your teammates have being in such a dark place. Now's your time to shine, light up the cave and help everyone get out safely.  

Prompt 8:
So, you decided your magic, but can your kemata handle its new-found ability? Depict your kemata studying hard or practicing their magic.

Prompt 9:
Peace and blinding white, light magic is seen as the purest form of magic there is. How do you spread your light magic in a positive way among those lost in the dark? 

Prompt 10:
Light is often associated with inner peace, depict a time when you were lost in your own darkness and had to guide yourself back to your light.



You must select 3 prompts that best fit your kemata and depict them either via writing or drawing completing the prompts.

  • 3 kematas can participate in the SAME MAGIC PROMPTS at one time, you may NOT mix and match different magic submissions.
    • eg: A kemata mastering Pyrus may not be submitted with a kemata learning Poison!


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Magic: Light II