Character Classes


Thieves are cunning and agile, able to perform devious feats with great evasion and swiftness. This class consists of Kematas who seek to pair their natural nimbleness with their thievery skills.

Base Stats
  • +3 HP
  • +2 ATK
  • +5 SPD



Thief I: Razor Wind (P)
Deals three quick, consecutive attacks for 50% of the user's attack stat

Thief II: Shadow's Bite
A pair of magically imbued blades appears from the shadows to attack the enemy, dealing damage double of the user's magic stat that ignores resistance; has a 20% chance of paralyzing the target

Thief III: Blood In
Sacrifices 25% of the user's remaining health to deal three attacks that ignore the target's defense and resistance
Passive Skill

5 Finger Discount
User has a 20% chance of stealing a random item from a shop or specialty shop, including limited items such as event items.

Shadow Step
+10 speed to speed stat

Class master


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