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20 May 2020 (2 years ago)


Click the spoiler to see which are up for offers!
Please reach out to me on discord if interested in any
In general please direct questions via discord!

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"there    will   always   be   a   tomorrow"

Hiyo i do have kems i would like to rehome, click the spoiler to see~!


Kems Up For Offers
click on the image to be taken to them~!


Very tent on and would likely only take $/voucher offers!:
Neko Clouds , Valkyrie, Miniature Prince of Hell



1791886 Opals
0 Black Opals
Pumpkin Fox Sproutling

Wedding Bells

Wedding Cake

Love Doves


Golden Pearl Flowers

Characters / Kemata / Behemoth / Short Homie / Dragon / Fae / Kimoki


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This is an image This is an image

2022-09-23 03:32:42 (Edited 2022-09-23 03:34:01)

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Hi there! I think should be transferred to me since I won the raffle and I have the TH profile? Tysm!

2022-08-31 17:56:35 (Edited 2022-08-31 17:56:47)

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Hiyo! The transfer was sent on here as well. It would be in your notifications. It'll give you the option to accept the transfer or not. :]

2022-09-03 15:35:47

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u stink

2021-03-17 22:01:53 (Edited 2021-03-17 22:01:58)

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