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[Open] Ryiah's Sales!

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"It's nice to meet you! I've been around here for a while and thus have accumulated quite a bunch of stuff... here's everything that I have up for sale. Oh, who's that in the background? Oh, haha. That's Tex. Don't mind him, he's just mad that my prices are better. And well, uh. Some other things."


"Oh so this is what you want, well, after the pretty-Kem discount, and the best friends forever discount... and the discount discount, that's only gonna be a few opals!"

Most of my prices are in opals or USD. I also take things like Kems, non-Kem characters, items/familiars (picky), art, MYOs, etc! Feel free to DM me on Discord to talk it out. I'm no monster :] Honestly I'm more interested in getting rid of these than to try and turn a huge profit so yeah. Also if you're a new player don't be shy lol I will give you random shit for cheap as long as you seem active.



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This section is extremely large so it's in a spoiler.

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uncommon skills

Each uncommon skill is $8.

  • 4x Festive: Earn double the rewards for completing holiday events. 
  • 3x Two for One: Kemata can attack twice in one turn on a hunt.
  • 4x Gentle Spirit: Allows for a 25% chance of finding a Spirit Familiar in any activity.
  • 4x Demon Whisperer: Allows for a 25% chance of finding a Demon Familiar in any activity.
  • 4x Beast Charmer: Allows for a 25% chance of finding a Beast Familiar in any activity.
  • 7x Sixth Sense: 20% chance of encountering an additional monster. 5% chance to encounter a secret monster. 
  • 6x Keen Eye: Attack will never miss. +20 Speed. 
  • 8x Last Stand: Doubles attack when HP is at 10% or less while on a hunt.
  • 3x Tracking: Prevents monsters from escaping allowing for a successful hunt on any sized monster and secret monsters. 
  • 8x Power Poke: 10% chance to 1-hit KO large monsters  when attacking.
rare skills

Each rare skill is $15.

  • 6x Ghost Hand: 50% chance to successfully steal an item from the NPC of the activity you're participating in. 
  • 4x Infamous: Thieve exclusive skill. Doubles the amount of items stolen from shops or npcs. Can only be used in shops once per day per owner. Does not stack. 
  • 7x Curse: Increase magic  by 50% but decreases attack by 50% of total stats after leveling points , equipment, and familiars are applied. 

The following skills are rare skills that I believe to be significantly better than the others so I upped their price to $20.

  • 7x Slayer: Guarantees a successful hunt on any sized monster, adds 10 speed points, and brings back an additional 4 rare items*Earned by 50 Successful hunts*
  • 5x 5 Digit Discount:
    • Grants a 20% chance of stealing 1-3 items when using their bank balance to purchase from NPC shops. If failed, the user must pay for all items being purchased. Applies to one kemata per owner, per purchase, per day.
    • If a kemata with this skill is depicted at a canon shop, they may roll 1-3 items not normally sold, such as seasonal items or event items. Outdoor shop depictions will be rolled as Free Range Exploration, likewise indoor depictions will be rolled as Indoor Exploration.
blessed skills

Each blessed skill is $35.

  • 1x Idol: Any Kemata drawn with this one gains an extra 5 EXP; does not apply to the Kemata with the Idol skill.
  • 5x Reservoir: Doubles the total magic after all current items, familiars, equipment, and level points are equipped and applied.  


For the large image of Ryiah, the art was done by restingden. They are an amazing and talented artist and my best friend for many years. Please consider checking them out and commissioning them!

The animated tail wag of Ryiah is done by Cyph. They are also an amazing artist so please consider supporting them!