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Grouchy Days

Ends: 12 July 2022, 00:00:00 CDT (5 days from now)


The days grow hotter and longer and you realize your patience has dropped and your temper had rose. This particular kem is ALWAYS around you, theyre ALWAYS annoying you, and with this heat, you dont think you can tolerate the torment any longer. This is the 10th time that particular kem has irked you the wrong way. You have tried so hard to ignore their jeers and taunts, but you've had enough. It's time to take action. Depict your kemata being bothered by another kem or getting revenge on another kem which they have a grudge against.

Minimum full body with simple bg required for art entries
Minimum 300 WC with 5 mentions of each character depicted requirment for written entries
Due date is july 12th, no extentions will be permitted

The "I hate you" bell pepper-
A bell pepper with "I hate you" violently carved in it. It rolled into your house one day through the chimney, you have a good relationship with Hyozan. You do not understand why this is happening. Some stranger constantly stands around your house, you are sure they are the "i hate you" carver. Your relationship with Hyozan will allow you to smite your enemies. Beware.
Benefit- 20% chance to cause stun on an attacking Bandit while in a bandit encounter, 80% chance to make the bandit angrier and increases their attack stats by 10% for 2 turns. If the equipped kemata happens to faint while this bell pepper is equipped on a bandit encounter, will generate 1 Ghost pepper (benefit to be added later)

500 opals

and 1 Horangi Familiar


Reward Amount
The "I Hate You" Bell Pepper 1
Horangi 1
Opals 500


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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