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Kemsona MYO event

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Ends: 25 August 2022, 00:00:00 CDT (2 weeks from now)

You find yourself awake in a new land...


As you stir, you realize that you feel...different some how? You rise to see a creature galloping towards you, their cream fur with orange and teal markings catches your eye, but you cant help but feel you're imagining all of this. The creature pokes you, "Hey, are you ok?" You manage a nod and let out a weak,
"Where am I?" The creatues long ears tilt to the side as they study you with a hard focus, "uhhh, You're in Calico woods by the calico pond? Did you not...get here yourself?" The fox like creature glances around as if searching for a possible enemy. 
"No, uh, how come I can understand you?" You ask with a perplexed face.
The friendly creature takes a step towards you, "uhhh, cause you're a kemata too?" 


Welcome friends! I figured it was that time of the year again to allow people to make a Kemsona, or an alt sona if you already have one ^^! 

You may make a kemata that represents yourself with up to rare traits
You may send it in the discord channel Character designer or in DM's to monnie for approval to go to the next step
If submitting on VS, you may submit a claim for approval and allowance to the next step

Once your design is made you MUST make a depiction of your new kemsona taking part in the world of val-shenn with a new friend  in any way you like!
You may do so with the following options:
Minimum Art depiction with a minimum of sky/grass, and 3 other objects *bush, rocks, trees, etc* 
Writing with a minimum of 400 WC

Once your depiction is completed your design will be approved and will be uploaded afterward ^^ *when admins have time to tackle Masterlist*
you WILL NOT be deposited a MYO slot
instead you will submit your design for approval in the Kemata discord or via claim here on VS! 
Your kemata will come with the following Title:
Reincarnated Spirit

You may depict your kemata with your own kematas, other peoples kems, or NPCs! 

Rewards for participation:
MYO approval for new kem
10 Black opals *NEW CURRENCY, can only be obtained on events*
Reincarnated spirit
Friendship Bracelet 

any currently exisiting partipating kems 
10 black opals
Friendship Bracelet


No rewards.


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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