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Julian's Birthday Bash

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Ends: 1 June 2022, 12:00:00 CDT (1 month ago)

Its that time of year again, the time to celebrate the little gremlin we all know and love. Julian has been having a hard time lately and isn't finding much joy in her birthday week.


Julian's Birthday Bash

5/17 - 6/1


Its that time of year again, the time to celebrate the little gremlin we all know and love. Julian has been having a hard time lately and isn't finding much joy in her birthday week.

Depict your kemata doing anything you feel could make her smile. She loves plushies, eating food, doing karaoke, and jamming to music; bts being her favorite!

Completion of this prompt will reward:


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x1 Army  Bomb Pinata

which includes

x5000 Opals

 x1 Stawberry Birthday Shortcake

 x1 La Chancla

 x1 Julian Plushie

 x1 Friendship Bracelet

 x1 Silver Voucher

 x1 New Skill - Loyal Heart


  • Please read the rules
  • A max of 3 different Kematas per player can participate in this prompt (unless you have a skill like In High Demand, which allows 4).
  •  Writings must be at least 400 words.
  • Drawings must have at least a simple BG, as well as being at least a clean sketch and have some type of color.
  • If your entry does not follow the rules listed then it will be rejected and reason for rejection will be given to you. 
  • Your entry must include the Kemata's calculated EXP in the comments or it will be rejected.
  • All entries must be submitted no later than June 1st 2022 at 11:59 CST , we will not be making extensions
 As of 3/14/2021 the form/rule for the weekly/bi-weekly prompts has been adjusted!

In the 'relevant bonuses' section players can list 1 skill or familiar or item that brings back additional items/opals the are applicable to prompts, per Kemata.
The exception to this rule are items/familiars that give +exp and skills like/similar to In High Demand and Idol.
This is because they do not need to be rolled. An example of this is shown below.


Kemata Profile: Launch

Relevant Bonuses:
Idol: Any Kemata depicted with this one gains +5 exp; does not apply to the Kemata that owns the skill.
Crimson Ox: Doubles inventory for a max of 20 slots ; +5 exp when depicted.
Heartfelt Husky: Brings back 2000 opals and x1 rare item on activities/prompts/hunts ; +5 exp when depicted.


Kemata Profile: Tex

Relevant Bonuses:
Mush Flibb: +4exp when equipped and grants an extra rare item on indoor and outdoor exploration.
10 Gallon Hat: +10exp when equipped
Heartfelt Letter: Gives and additional 2,000 opals from any activity/prompt/hunt ; 1% chance to bring back one Small Soul Apple.



Please include in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
This section of the form is completely optional. 
Please keep this at the very top if you wish for us to use it!

Enter your kematas' name and their preferred pronouns. You can even tell us a little about them too. We will use all of this when typing a response for your roll. 

  • Name/Nickname: [name your kem goes by ]
  • Pronouns: [if none are entered then, they/them will be used]
  • Personality: [tell us a little about them,]

The following section below is not optional.

  • Entry: (Image/writing)
  • Kemata Profile: (Link to participating Kematas' Val-Shenn profile; example: launch)
  • Relevant Bonuses: (Include a list of submittable items, with the description of the item. NO LINKS )
  • EXP Calculation: [more info below if needed]

Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be given and granted upon approval.


Please include in the "Comments" section:

Calculate the EXP earned by using this chart. Include the calculation and the total EXP for your character in the comments section.

After attaching your Kemata, there will be a section called Focus Character. Input the code of your character that you are submitting the rewards for.



Reward Amount
Army Bomb Pinata 1


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

No user rewards.
No character rewards.
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