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Bi-Weekly Prompts

Bi-weekly prompts are special prompts or events that the staff make with awesome exclusive rewards!


Please use this form when submitting your entries:

  • Entry: (Image/writing)
  • Kemata Profile(s): (Links to all participating Kematas' Val-Shenn profile; example: launch)
  • Relevant Bonuses: 1 item/familiar/mount 1 skill 1 title (As shown above , you can list 1 Familiar/Mount/Equipment and 1 Title and 1 Skill per Kemata that is applicable to prompts. Things that do not need to be rolled are allowed to be included too; ex: In High Demand Skill , 10 Gallon Hat, etc.)
  • Tracker(s): (activity tracker)

Example Form:

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  • Entry: [link]
  • Kemata Profile:
  • Relevant Bonuses:
    • Launch:
      • Idol: Any Kemata depicted with this one gains +5 exp; does not apply to the Kemata that owns the skill
      • Crimson Ox: Doubles inventory for a max of 20 slots ; +5 exp when depicted
      • Heartfelt Husky: Brings back 2000 opals and x1 rare item on activities/prompts/hunts ; +5 exp when depicted
    • Tex:
      • Mush Flibb: +4exp when equipped and grants an extra rare item on indoor and outdoor exploration.
      • 10 Gallon Hat: +10exp when equipped
      • Heartfelt Letter: Gives and additional 2,000 opals from any activity/prompt/hunt ; 1% chance to bring back one Small Soul Apple.
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