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Bi-Weekly Prompts

Bi-weekly prompts are special prompts or events that the staff make with awesome exclusive rewards!


Please use this form when submitting your entries:

  • Entry: (Image/writing)
  • Kemata Profile(s): (Links to all participating Kematas' Val-Shenn profile; example: launch)
  • Relevant Bonuses: 1 item/familiar/mount 1 skill 1 title (As shown above , you can list 1 Familiar/Mount/Equipment and 1 Title and 1 Skill per Kemata that is applicable to prompts. Things that do not need to be rolled are allowed to be included too; ex: In High Demand Skill , 10 Gallon Hat, etc.)
  • Tracker(s): (activity tracker)

Example Form:

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  • Entry: [link]
  • Kemata Profile:
  • Relevant Bonuses:
    • Launch:
      • Idol: Any Kemata depicted with this one gains +5 exp; does not apply to the Kemata that owns the skill
      • Crimson Ox: Doubles inventory for a max of 20 slots ; +5 exp when depicted
      • Heartfelt Husky: Brings back 2000 opals and x1 rare item on activities/prompts/hunts ; +5 exp when depicted
    • Tex:
      • Mush Flibb: +4exp when equipped and grants an extra rare item on indoor and outdoor exploration.
      • 10 Gallon Hat: +10exp when equipped
      • Heartfelt Letter: Gives and additional 2,000 opals from any activity/prompt/hunt ; 1% chance to bring back one Small Soul Apple.

Magic Prompts

All Kematas have the ability to learn all sorts of magics, some basic to even rare blessed ones, but here we paved the way for all Kematas to build their magically skill set.  Your Kemata can learn 3 magics total, unless in a magic mastery class, then they will be allowed to learn 4 total magics; the choice is yours! 

Want to know what each type of magic does?  Go here!


Archived Events; Chance they'll come back/be reused.

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