Coffee Days Mini-Event

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As the cold breeze brushes along the lands of Val-shenn, you get a small shiver along your spine. Cooler weather? Leaves changing color?! Fall must finally be here!! You gather all of your favorite fall gear and begin to wonder about how you will spend this season. Making leaf piles? Chasing out those hard to reach monsters? Shooing away all the bugs that have made their homes inside yours??? Where will you start?! Your mind begins to race when suddenly, the calming reminder of specialty coffees come to mind. Oh yes, the pumpkin spiced one, the maple flavors, the warm pumpkin lattes, you begin to drool at the thought. All the other stuff can wait! First, lets have coffee!

Depict your kemata drinking its favorite fall drink, it does not have to be coffee for the fellow coffee haters out there ;3!

Specialty blend Coffee x1
A coffee that you adore with all your passion. Its a seasonal item, hoard it while you can!
Pawbucks Coffee x1
Parcel of cookies x1
Black opals x2
Black Opals can only be obtained through prompts and events!

Art requirment: Minimum full body with simplified BG for artcan be a pattern, or solid color, but would like something like a border added, think like postcard style of BG! 300 WC minimum for writing

Maximum of 3 kems per owner can be submitted, you may submit each kem one by one and with other peoples kems, but you may only submit a max of 3 kems that you own over all! If you own less than 3 kems your kem may be submitted multiple times (EG: a person owns 1 kem, they may submit the same kem 3 times)

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