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The Spooky Carnival

Posted 18 October 2022, 16:08:50 CDT by Gingerkingfisher

>The sound of kem’s cheerful shouts fills the air, it seems the spooky carnival is in town!


Welcome one and all to this year's Spookiest of Carnivals! Inside you'll be able to play haunting games to your heart's content. 

Long, long ago, before such games were commonplace, these days of the veil's thinning were often met with nothing but fear and apprehension. For nothing terrified mortals than when an angry or, worse, bored specter came to visit. In truth, such ghostly beings held little malice towards mortals but... they lived no longer. They could not experience our world as we could. And, at times, it grew so dreadfully dull on the other side. So, the only bit of fun to be had came when the veil weakened and they could finally alleviate their boredom by playing with mortals.

However... often such beings cannot feel as they once did and, without remorse or thought or care of how the creatures they interacted with felt, they simply did as they pleased. And played games upon games on games. And so the living cowered whenever the realm of the spirits opened up.

Until one day, when a kit caught outside unawares inadvertently asked a spirit to play a game with them. Such an offer immediately caught the spirit's attention and the two played the game till after the sun sank beneath the horizon and the young kemata had to go home. The next day, the kit went out once more and played their games, however, this time the spirit had boasted of their experience the previous day and curious ghosts joined in the young kit's games.

Days passed and fewer and fewer spirits bothered the living. Cautious curiosity gripped their hearts and they ventured outside their homes for the first time in known history. Eventually, they discovered the kit and a horde of specters. However, the kit was not scared. Rather, they had a smile on their muzzle, wide as the sea and carefree as the sun. They simply played their beloved games with their newfound friends.

And so, cautiously, kems adopted these games. They played with each other and spirits when the veil wore thin. And thus, we have continued to play these games to this day. 

Is this tale true? Well... enter the carnival and find out for yourselves!


This is the second half of our Spooky Day event; it will be going until November 5th to make up for being a little late!

Part 1 - Carnival Games

Part 2 - Contests

Part 3 - Petting zoo

Enjoy the Carnival!

Spooky Day Event

Posted 3 October 2022, 07:46:37 CDT by Gingerkingfisher

Coffee Days Mini-Event

Posted 20 September 2022, 19:33:35 CDT by Gingerkingfisher

As the cold breeze brushes along the lands of Val-shenn, you get a small shiver along your spine. Cooler weather? Leaves changing color?! Fall must finally be here!! You gather all of your favorite fall gear and begin to wonder about how you will spend this season. Making leaf piles? Chasing out those hard to reach monsters? Shooing away all the bugs that have made their homes inside yours??? Where will you start?! Your mind begins to race when suddenly, the calming reminder of specialty coffees come to mind. Oh yes, the pumpkin spiced one, the maple flavors, the warm pumpkin lattes, you begin to drool at the thought. All the other stuff can wait! First, lets have coffee!

Depict your kemata drinking its favorite fall drink, it does not have to be coffee for the fellow coffee haters out there ;3!

Specialty blend Coffee x1
A coffee that you adore with all your passion. Its a seasonal item, hoard it while you can!
Pawbucks Coffee x1
Parcel of cookies x1
Black opals x2
Black Opals can only be obtained through prompts and events!

Art requirment: Minimum full body with simplified BG for artcan be a pattern, or solid color, but would like something like a border added, think like postcard style of BG! 300 WC minimum for writing

Maximum of 3 kems per owner can be submitted, you may submit each kem one by one and with other peoples kems, but you may only submit a max of 3 kems that you own over all! If you own less than 3 kems your kem may be submitted multiple times (EG: a person owns 1 kem, they may submit the same kem 3 times)

Submit Prompt

Grumpy Day's prompt

Posted 4 July 2022, 01:22:47 CDT by Ampmrm


I apologize for the wait! the date has been extended slightly to make up for the wait!! 

Click the link below to submit your prompt depiction ^^!

Julian's Birthday Bash

Posted 17 May 2022, 08:16:30 CDT by Gingerkingfisher

Julian's Birthday Bash

5/17 - 6/1


Its that time of year again, the time to celebrate the little gremlin we all know and love. Julian has been having a hard time lately and isn't finding much joy in her birthday week.

click This Link To See The Prompt!

Item leveling limits now in effect!

Posted 19 April 2022, 08:03:55 CDT by Ampmrm

Hello friends! We are officially implimenting item limits based on level! you can read the limits below, they take effect as of right now ^^!

Item restrictions based on level chart:
Kems that fall within the level range may only submit the amount of items/skills/familiars listed!
Note: Kimokis do NOT apply to the item list limit and can be used normally. Simply list your kimoki and its benefits after you item list.
LVL 1-4 - 3 items
LVL 5-7 - 4 items
LVL 8-10 - 5 items
LVL 11-13 - 6 items
LVL 14-17 - 7 items
LVL 17-19 - 8 items
LVL 20 - 10 items

Once we reach 5 or more kematas that successfully finish class II prompts, we will list item limits for kems past level 20.


Q: Do items that apply to part members affect my item count?
A: No they do not.

Q: What if I'm close to the next level, can I use item amounts in the next level bracket?
A: No, your kemata needs to actually be past the level in order to use the item amount in that bracket.

Q: If I equip my kimoki with its max amount of items does it affect my item count:
A: No, you may use your kimoki as usual, the max amount of items/skills/familiars a kimoki may carry is 3 and kimoki skills CANNOT be removed so equip your kimoki wisely!

White Hearts Day

Posted 16 March 2022, 22:44:38 CDT by restingden

If you're not up to speed yet, White Hearts Day is available

Lasts till April 1st! 11:59 CST time!

[ Click on Launch to be taken to the event page! ]

Bi-Weekly Prompts!

Posted 16 July 2021, 03:12:09 CDT by lemondrops

There will now be options to submit on-site! Just go to World -> Prompts! Or just click this link:

Please make sure to use the form and read the rules as they have changed :>