Rules & FAQ

Created: 29 June 2020, 06:32:51 CDT
Last updated: 30 August 2021, 21:03:05 CDT

These rules and guidelines are for all things related to Val Shenn.
They apply on all platforms (DA, Discord, etc.) where Kemata content is created.
They may be updated at any time without prior notice; there is a one-week buffer for player agreement.
All users will be held accountable for any updates a week after they've been made.
We reserve the right to warn, punish, and ban anyone who breaks these guidelines.
By joining our community, you automatically agree to everything in this document.




Be respectful to everyone — admins, members, and prospective members — inside and outside the group. We will not tolerate racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ableist comments or slurs. Also, any bashing of other ARPGs, closed species, or content creators is prohibited. In addition, we do not want to see complaints about other players, even if you think they "own too many Kematas," as we find such talk disrespectful. Please do not quarrel with each other; if there is someone bothering you, please try to approach them about it before matters get worse! If you attempt to do so and fail, please note the group with screenshots of all context; we will do our best to take care of the matter.


Please do not spam the group front page; if you repeatedly ask questions that are already clearly answered in this document, it may count as a mark against you. If you have a question and it has not been previously addressed in a journal, feel free to leave a comment, note the group, or post in our Discord server and a staff member will get back to you ASAP.


Because this is an ARPG, certain aspects of it involve us placing trust in you, our members. Therefore, please do not betray our trust by cheating the system in order to gain more currency, get special items, skip certain procedures, etc. Any attempts to do so may result in a strike against you depending on the intent, situation, and severity.


There is only one exception to this rule: If you encounter a major issue within the group — such as a death threat — and are uncomfortable letting too many people know, please note Ampmrm; if you do not receive a response in a timely fashion, feel free to approach the other admins (starting with manticorgi). This is the only exception when it comes to noting personal accounts, so we should not be receiving notes asking for free designs! Users who disregard this rule may receive a strike even if they're not yet in the group.




Referencing and tracing are two very different things, so please make sure you understand the difference between the two. As a group for creative individuals, we expect our members to create their own work; as such, we do not accept the use of bases unless they were created by you or another member meant specifically for usage in this group. If you cannot draw, you can always write or commission others!


Absolutely no explicit content such as pornography or realistic gore. You can create more intense content privately but do not submit it to the group. If you are unsure if a submission is allowed, feel free to ask! If your content is deemed acceptable, we will usually just tell you to tag it with warnings and/or use DeviantART's content filters.

SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT prompts, claims, and folders

On-site, the "Submit" button (top right next to your username) has two dropdown options: "Submit Prompt" and "Submit Claim." "Submit Prompt" is for a piece created to fill a staff-written assignment (eg, Activities or Weekly Prompts); on the Submit Prompt > New Submission > Prompt dropdown, you'll need to choose the specific one you're responding to. As for "Submit Claim," this category is for anything else you create that's not in response to a given prompt.

On DA, we'd like our folders to stay orderly and neat, so please do your best to submit them to the correct folders. If you don't, your deviation may be declined from the group. If you notice something is in the wrong folder, please point it out and we will move it.


You can draw, sculpt, animate, write, collage, anything you can think of as long as you're not stealing someone else's concepts! We do our best to make our events inclusive when it comes to the visual and the written. Artists of all levels are welcome!


While this rule doesn't apply 24/7, it is important that you receive consent before drawing another user's character in a situation that may cause discomfort! We ask for it to be "written," because if an issue occurs, you can provide screenshots for evidence.




Godmodding is the complete usage of another person's character without their consent. Please obtain explicit, written consent before using someone else's character in anything!

Metagaming is when your character knows things they should not know. If it's something you read on someone's character tracker, that's only something you know, not your character, especially if you are RPing with them for the first time. Treat it like real life: Would you know everyone else's secrets at first glance? No? Then your character shouldn't either.

Powerplaying is the act of manipulating your character so they always have the upper hand. True, some characters are more powerful than others, but all of them have their flaws and weaknesses. Do not abuse the creative freedom we have given you.


Do not force any type of relationship on any user or character! Communication and consent are key. Make sure to talk everything out with the individual you're speaking to, be considerate of their needs, and alert them of your intentions. We understand that you may want to make friends and/or ship characters, but please respect and understand that everyone has their personal boundaries, especially if it is someone you are not familiar with. Do not assume anything, as that is how issues arise. If someone is forcing themselves or their character upon you, stand up for yourself; if they keep doing it, you may note the group for assistance.



What happens when someone breaks the rules?

We generally go by the three-strikes rule — one strike for each rule broken — but this may be affected by the severity of the situation.

How do I join the Discord server?

Click here! This invite automatically puts you in the rules channel. You will need to check in to view the rest of the server.

Who do I credit on

Going by guidelines, please credit AmPmRm as the creator, regardless of whether they designed the Kemata or not, as they are the official species owner. The actual designer(s) will go in the "Designer" slot.