Created: 1 April 2021, 21:25:17 CDT
Last updated: 29 June 2022, 21:27:00 CDT
Have you ever wondered how gems came to gain such healing properties and value?
Why the kematas of old treasured these colorful rocks and stones?
Well, glad you're here! I'll help you out with all of that and more. 
My name is Cadence, I am a proud and noble miner, unlike my family before me.
Since I was a kit i have always found passion in gems, stones, and rocks.
Every one of those non living things tells a story we will never experience and have outlasted many many wars.

Dragon's Opal by KemataDen
I'll show you the deepest caves to explore in and how to shape your precious gems properly to sell them as is or to be used in jewelry!
So get your hard hat and lights and lets get digging!


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Green Coast Bay
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A blacked-out image means the stone has yet to be discovered.
Once you bring a new item to me I will notate what it looks like for the world to see!
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Simply draw or write your kemata digging in a cave searching for gems and stones! 
Only three Kematas may participate per submission!


Please include the following in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
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Personality: [tell us a little about them,]

Location and Relevant Bonuses
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Area [your choice of location based on our World Map]
Item(s) [if applicable; must already be in your inventory]
Skill(s) [if applicable; must be relevant to activity]

If an area does not have all its items undiscovered, then you cannot use items/skils/familiars/etc to receive additional items. This includes using kimokis.


Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be rolled and granted upon approval.


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