Indoor Exploration

Created: 15 October 2020, 05:03:44 CDT
Last updated: 17 March 2022, 21:56:37 CDT

Dont you just love the smell of coffee shops and the cleanliness of craft shops? I know I do and I want to show all of Val-shenn how to enjoy the great indoors!
No, I wasn't trying to make my own saying based off of Clifton's saying, what are you talking about?
Purple Lights 248 by KemataDen

I'm Celes, your resident bookwork and coffee geek!
Indoor Exploration is all about enjoying shops owned by various Kematas and supporting our local businesses!
Some shops that we will discover can teach us many things, such as Crafting and Potion making.
Indoors is all about relaxation and enjoying the simple things in life.
I'll also pay a pretty opal for many crafting items and ingredients!

Below are items I accept:

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Mint by KemataDen Green Onions by KemataDen Basil by KemataDen Cilantro by KemataDen Bay Leaves by KemataDen Sweet Potato by KemataDen Raw Tofu by KemataDen Chocolate Bar by KemataDen

Empty Jar by KemataDen Sausage by KemataDen Raw Steak by KemataDen Medicinal Powder by KemataDen Saddle by KemataDen Recipe Book I by KemataDen Miracle Lily by KemataDen



Empty Jar by KemataDenCheese by KemataDenParcel Of Cookies by KemataDenShiitake Mushroom by KemataDenHot Sauce by KemataDenPaper by KemataDenSpices by KemataDenCotton by KemataDen

Yarn by KemataDenSalt by KemataDenFlour by KemataDenSugar by KemataDenOpal Bag by KemataDenPin Cushion by KemataDenScissors by KemataDen



01 Sea Salt Candy by KemataDen02 Taiyaki by KemataDen03 Takoyaki by KemataDen04 Raw Shrimp by KemataDen05 Canned Tuna by KemataDen06 Durian by KemataDen07 Dragonfruit by KemataDen08 Steamed Crab by KemataDen

09 Rope by KemataDen10 Liquor by KemataDen11 Fishermans Hat by KemataDen12 Silver Dubloon by KemataDen13 Seal Plushie by KemataDen14 Captains Log by KemataDen15 Gold Dubloon by KemataDen




If you're looking to get a specific item, you'll have to go to the location where it can be found!

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Portray your Kemata visiting any indoor residence. Could be a coffee shop, a grocery store, or even their own home!
Up to three Kematas may participate per submission! The exception is a skill/item/etc which allows for a fourth per submission!



Please include the following in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
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Personality: [tell us a little about them,]

Location and Relevant Bonuses
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You must include the description of the items/skills/etc used

Area [your choice of location based on our World Map]
Item(s) [if applicable; must already be in your inventory]
Skill(s) [if applicable; must be relevant to activity]

If an area does not have all its items undiscovered, then you cannot use items/skils/familiars/etc to receive additional items. This includes using kimokis.


Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be rolled and granted upon approval.



Please include in the "Comments" section:
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