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Each flower has its own meaning and medicinal purpose, and Kematas have done their best to study their uses.
They often collect other things such as mushrooms, roots, and herbs for the same reasons.

Click on the image below to learn more about Asami!

My name is Asami and I am very passionate about all sorts of flora.
I love to teach and inspire other Kematas to collect various plants and fungi for their own uses.
I also run a small flower shop in uptown Light City called Forget-Me-Nots, where I make all sorts of flower arrangements!

Open doors and chocolate cups by CROWFLOCK

I pay top dollar for any kind of flower, herb, or mushroom.
I will pay five times the usual amount for any I have yet to obtain!

Below are flora and fungi I accept:



Red Wind Hills

(Formerly Flora Fields)

Violet Petunia by KemataDenViola by KemataDen Sunflower by KemataDenRed Petunia by KemataDenPoppy by KemataDenPhantom Petunia by KemataDenFly Agaric by KemataDen Beech mushroom by KemataDen

Isopyreae by KemataDen Miracle Daisy by KemataDen Sulphur Tuft Mushroom by KemataDenChanterelle Mushroom by KemataDenBlue Leratiomyces mushroom by KemataDen Split rose 1 by KemataDen



Winding vine by KemataDenBlue Primrose 1 by KemataDenDragon Scales by KemataDenMiracle Blossoms by KemataDenAngel Vine by KemataDenPeace Lily by KemataDenPeach Blossom by KemataDenWhite Discord by KemataDen

Aloe Vera Root by KemataDen Skeleton Flower by KemataDenBleeding Heart by KemataDen???? by KemataDen



Palmleaf Poppy Mallow by KemataDenSnake Plant by KemataDenProtea by KemataDenAeonium Arboreum by KemataDen
Gardenia by KemataDen???? by KemataDen????? by KemataDenWild Lily by KemataDen 


A blacked-out image means the plant has yet to be discovered.
If you're the first to find one, your kemata will be remembered as the "founder" of the flora or fungi!

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Portray your Kemata searching for flowers, roots, mushrooms, or herbs! They can be stopping to smell the roses, digging under trees, scouting for mushrooms in a damp forest, etc.
Up to three Kematas may participate per submission! The exception is a skill/item/etc which allows for a fourth per submission!


Please include the following in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
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Location and Relevant Bonuses
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Area [your choice of location based on our World Map]
Item(s) [if applicable; must already be in your inventory]
Skill(s) [if applicable; must be relevant to activity]

If an area does not have all its items undiscovered, then you cannot use items/skils/familiars/etc to receive additional items. This includes using kimokis.


Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be rolled and granted upon approval.



Please include in the "Comments" section:
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