Free Range Exploration

Created: 28 March 2021, 19:23:35 CDT
Last updated: 20 October 2023, 14:16:46 CDT

Large and extremely dangerous monsters inhabit Val Shenn, making exploration difficult.
There are many parts of the world left untouched, just waiting to be discovered.

Click on the image below to learn more about Clifton!

Art by Ampmrm

The name's Clifton and I'm all about uncovering new parts of Val Shenn!
I prefer using maps and compasses, as opposed to the newer technologies we have nowadays.
I'll pay for crafting items or random items you might find while exploring!
I like to have a good stock when I go off on my own travels.

Below are items I accept:

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Red Wind Hills 

(Previously known as Flora Fields)














Sometimes crime pays for itself

Every activity and shop owner has their own special inventory that only those in Thief class  can snag! Some Familiars and items can also bring back these items so be on the look out for them! 

Click "Toggle Spoiler" below to see Clifton's inventory:

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Bag of Opals:
A bag of opals containing a random amount of opals from  500 to 2,000 opals

Trusty Goggles (equipment):
Clifton's favorite thing to wear. It... feels kind of gross, probably from sweating too much while exploring the lands. Might want to clean it before putting it on.
25% chance of finding 1 additional rare item during any activity
+5 EXP for Exploration rolls

Atlas (equipment):
A collection of hand-drawn maps that show the current known lands of Val-Shenn. Clifton must have spent a long, long time working on these.
25% chance of finding 1 additional item for Exploration rolls
+5 EXP for Exploration rolls
Limit 1 per kemata
Rusty Compass (equipment):
It looks like this compass has rusted over... Ah, it still works! Just gotta tap it every now and then.
Equippable+1 extra item during Exploration rolls
Stackable, maximum of x3 per kem
Ah, a piece of paper! It seems to be of decent in quality--good enough to draw or write on!
Crafting Material and Potion Ingredient 

Click "Toggle Spoiler" below to see the prompt details:

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How to participate:
Simply draw or write your Kemata exploring the great outdoors of Val Shenn! Up to three Kematas may participate per submission! The exception is a skill/item/etc which allows for a fourth per submission!

Art requirements:
Minimum BG with at least 3 additional items depicted, EG: Sky/grass as the base bg, then a bush, tree, and rock.
For more details on writing submissions, click here.

Minimum 400 w/c with a minimum of 8 mentions per kemata. Mentions include name, nickname, and description of kemata. Writing their gender does not classify as mentions.
For more details on writing submissions, click here.


Please include the following in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
This section of the form is completely optional. 
Please keep this at the very top if you wish for us to use it!

Enter your kematas' name and their preferred pronouns. You can even tell us a little about them too. We will use all of this when typing a response for your roll. 

Name/Nickname: [name your kem goes by ]
Pronouns: [if none are entered then, they/them will be used]
Personality: [tell us a little about them,]

Location and Relevant Bonuses
This section is not optional.
You must include the description of the items/skills/etc used

Area [your choice of location based on our World Map]
Item(s) [if applicable; must already be in your inventory]
[Please make sure you are only using the alloted amount of items based on your kematas level. You can check here for your item limit ITEM LIMITS]
Skill(s) [if applicable; must be relevant to activity]

If an area does not have all its items undiscovered, then you cannot use items/skils/familiars/etc to receive additional items. This includes using kimokis.


Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be rolled and granted upon approval.



Please include in the "Comments" section:
Calculate the EXP earned by using this chart.
After attaching your Kemata, there will be a section called "Character Rewards."
Input the total EXP earned in the "Amount" section.



Your "New Submission" page should look something like this.