EXP Chart

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Depending on the level set your kemata falls under you will gain a bonus amount of exp. 

Levels 1-9 = No Bonus Multiplier
Levels 10+ = 1.5 Bonus Multiplier

Please use the following information to calculate your earned experience (EXP).
On top of any base rewards, your character earns EXP depending on your piece.
You must write out your EXP calculations in the "Comments" section on the submission/claim page.
Then, under Characters > Character Rewards, you may input the total by clicking "Add Reward."
If your calculations are incorrect, a mod may modify the amount.


EXP Levels

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The following amount of EXP total is required for each level increase. 

Lvl 2- 15 EXP |                  Lvl 11- 365  |                  LVL 21-1240|                  LVL 31-2755|                  LVL 41-4830
Lvl 3- 35 EXP |                  Lvl 12-430   |                  LVL 22-1355|                  LVL 32-2940|                  LVL 42-5065
Lvl 4- 60 EXP |                  Lvl 13-500   |                  LVL 23-1475|                  LVL 33-3130|                  LVL 43-5305
Lvl 5- 85 EXP |                  Lvl 14-575   |                  LVL 24-1600|                  LVL 34-3325|                  LVL 44-5550
Lvl 6- 115 EXP |                Lvl 15-655   |                  LVL 25-1750|                  LVL 35-3525|                  LVL 45-5800
Lvl 7- 155 EXP |                Lvl 16-740   |                  LVL 26-1905|                  LVL 36-3730|                  LVL 46-6055
Lvl 8-  200 EXP|                Lvl 17-830   |                  LVL 27-2065|                  LVL 37-3940|                  LVL 47-6315
Lvl 9- 250 EXP |                Lvl 18-925   |                  LVL 28-2230|                  LVL 38-4155|                  LVL 48-6580
Lvl 10- 305 EXP |              Lvl 19-1025|                  LVL 29-2400|                  LVL 39-4375|                  LVL 49-6850
                                                    Lvl 20-1130|                  LVL 30-2575|                  LVL 40-4600|                  LVL 50-7150
For every level your kemata is allowed status points. The player can invest these points into any single or multiple stats they wish. 

LVl 1-10 = 3 points
Lvl 11-20 = 4 points
Lvl 21-30 = 5 points
Lvl 31-40 = 6 points

2D Artwork

This includes traditional or digital drawings.

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+ 1 Head / Bust

  • Must show at least 25% of character (i.e. headshot/portrait).
  • Half body depictions will count as a Head/Bust.

+ 3 Full Body

  • Must show at least 75% of character to count as Full Body.

+ 1 Clean Sketch / Lineart

  • Must accurately depict the Kemata and its markings with greyscale, hatching, etc.
  • If you're reusing your lineart as a base, you can only claim CS / L once

+ 2 Flat Colored

  • Must accurately depict the Kemata and its markings with its base colors.

+ 3 Colored & Shaded

  • Must accurately depict the Kemata and its markings with at least its base colors and shading.

+ 1 Simple Background

  • Very basic and minimal background ​elements with little to no detail.
  • Must be more than a block of color or simple gradient
  • Repeating patterns, item props, and shaped layouts fall under this category

+ 3 Detailed Background

  • Plenty of detail, depth, and background elements which create a believable environment.
  • Has two of the three: background, middle-ground, and foreground

+ 2 Simple Animation

  • Eyes blinking, tail wag, etc.
  • Must have at least five frames

+ 5 Detailed Animation

  • Must be significantly animated, such as a run cycle
  • Rewards may increase depending on complexity


  • Must follow Rules & FAQ > Art Rules
  • For comics, each panel counts as its own image, as long as there is a significant difference
    • Word count is not applicable for comics unless separate transcript is provided for each chapter, arc, etc.



This includes stories, poems, roleplay, etc.

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+ 5 General Text

  • At least 400 words for standalone piece
  • Should be proofread before submitting with an attempt to follow the rules of English grammar
  • Character must be mentioned at least eight times (barring their pronouns) to count as a participating character

+ 5 Poetry

  • Imagery, verse, or elevated thoughts that may not follow grammar rules
  • Please bundle together shorter works until 400 words reached

+ 5 RP Logs

  • Must be cleaned, formatted, with at least 400 words per participant
  • RP participants will each receive the total amount, which is not split
  • Only one participant needs to submit the RP Log, listing all characters
  • Must follow Rules & FAQ > Roleplay Rules

+ 1 per 100 Additional Words

  • On top of the base requirement of 400 words


  • You must include the word count somewhere in your submission
  • You must include a list of characters and any way you mention them. For example:
    • Mentions:
      • Launch: Launch, Two-Tone Kemata
      • Asami: Asami, beautiful Kemata
  • We will look at and score other types of literature accordingly

Literature and Artwork may be combined! An image may be posted with a story listed in the Artist comment!
If there is a story attached to an image the Word count will then be counted as +1 for every 100 words.
Literature pieces without any image will then count for the 400 Word count minimum. 

3D Crafts

This includes handmade items such as sculptures, plushies, dioramas, etc.

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+ 7 Small / Simple Craft

  • Anything small (miniatures, charms, etc.) or with little to no detail falls under this category

+ 15 Large / Detailed Craft

  • Anything decently sized (plushie, diorama, etc.) or detailed falls under this category

+ 1 Subsequent Image

  • Every additional photograph of your craft
  • Each image must be significantly different in terms of angle, lighting, background, etc.


  • We will look at and score other types of 3D crafts accordingly


Activity Bonuses

These are additional EXP points that can be earned for completing activities.

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+ 3 per Activity Submission

  • Bug Hunting, Fishing, Free Range Exploration, Herbalism, Indoor Exploration, Beach Combing, Mining

+ 5 per Special Activity

  • Expedition Exploration
  • Prompt Depiction

+ 5 per Small Monster Hunt

  • + 2 for braided hair / fur during the hunt

+7 per Medium Monster Hunt

  • + 2 for braided hair / fur during the hunt


Other bonuses

These are additional EXP points that can be earned in general.

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+ 3 Personal Work

  • If the piece was created for you, by you, and not a commission or commissioned piece

+ 2 Collaboration

  • Applies once to each of the Kematas owned by the collaborators

+ 2 Familiar/Mount

  • Must be currently equipped to your Kemata
  • Bonus is limited to three familiars/mount per piece
  • For literature, each familiar/mount must be mentioned at least three times (barring pronouns)

+ 2 Additional Kematas

  • Any Kemata not owned by you (barring NPCs)
  • Bonus is limited to two additional Kematas per piece
  • For literature, each additional Kemata must be mentioned at least eight times (barring pronouns)

+ 5 NPC Interaction

  • Any NPC (eg, Clifton, Asami, Link, etc.)
  • Bonus is limited to one NPC per piece
  • For literature, each NPC must be mentioned at least three times (barring pronouns)

+ 4 Affiliated Species

  • See the "Affiliates" section on the DA group for approved species
  • Bonus is limited to two affiliate species per piece
  • For literature, each affiliate species must be mentioned at least three times (barring pronouns)

+ 3 Canon Location

  • Any official location set in the world of Val Shenn
  • Must be depicted appropriately (is named and follows the canon terrain, climate, scenery, POIs, etc.)