Bug Catching

Created: 15 October 2020, 05:01:14 CDT
Last updated: 17 March 2022, 21:51:28 CDT

Bugs were used as jewelry and other adornments for kings, queens, and all royalty classes alike.
Nowadays, the sport is kept alive just for the thrill of the chase!

Click on the image below to learn more about Link!

Looking for the bravest bug catchers in Val-shenn!

My name is Link; I proudly collect insects of all kinds!
I also educate other Kematas about the history and information pertaining to each species.
So hopefully, everyone will be less afraid of these silly guys!
I give rewards for any kind of bug, especially for those I don't yet have in my collection.

Below are bugs I accept:

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(Previously known as Flora Fields)






A blacked-out image means the species has yet to be discovered.
If you're the first to catch one, your kemata will forever be remembered as the "founder" of the bug!


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Portray your Kemata hunting for bugs! You can only catch bugs with a net, otherwise, you might squash the poor little guys! Standard nets are free but bigger nets can be crafted or bought.
Up to three Kematas may participate per submission! The exception is a skill/item/etc which allows for a fourth per submission!



Please include the following in the "Comments" section:

Kemata Information
This section of the form is completely optional. 
Please keep this at the very top if you wish for us to use it!

Enter your kematas' name and their preferred pronouns. You can even tell us a little about them too. We will use all of this when typing a response for your roll. 

Name/Nickname: [name your kem goes by ]
Pronouns: [if none are entered then, they/them will be used]
Personality: [tell us a little about them,]

Location and Relevant Bonuses
This section is not optional.
You must include the description of the items/skills/etc used

Area [your choice of location based on our World Map]
Item(s) [if applicable; must already be in your inventory]
Skill(s) [if applicable; must be relevant to activity]

If an area does not have all its items undiscovered, then you cannot use items/skils/familiars/etc to receive additional items. This includes using kimokis.


Do not select a reward on the submission page.
Your reward will be rolled and granted upon approval.



Please include in the "Comments" section:
Calculate the EXP earned by using this chart.
After attaching your Kemata, there will be a section called "Character Rewards."
Input the total EXP earned in the "Amount" section.



Your "New Submission" page should look something like this.