Standards for Artwork

Created: 26 July 2022, 13:01:39 CDT
Last updated: 26 July 2022, 13:01:39 CDT

🖼️ Standards for Artwork 🖼️

🌠 General Rules 🌠


  1. 🍄All visual art MUST contain the following in order to qualify for any type of roll:
    • Clean sketch, line art, or no line art are all acceptable!
    • Fullbody (at least 75% of the body must be visible)
    • Flat color
    • Simple background with at least 3 elements (example:bush, clouds, and a tree, Sky and grass count for simple background and do not count towards the elements needed.)

  1. 🎨Weekly prompts or special events may have different requirements for artwork.

           2.🍵Up to 3 total Kematas will be rolled. 

    • 💖The only exception is if the skill In High-Demand is attached to a participating Kemata, which allows a fourth Kemata to be rolled.

           3.🦊Up to 3 total familiars will be counted for the EXP bonus. 

           4. ☕Only one NPC will be counted for the EXP bonus.

           5. 🍪Up to 2 total affiliated species will be counted for the EXP bonus. 

           6.🌻Artwork can be posted anywhere that is accessible via link [deviantart,,, personal website, etc.]

           7. 🔥Do not trace over or resubmit previously rolled entries. 

    • This is a form of cheating! If you do either of these you will get the chanclas 👡
    • We also do not allow any type of base to be submitted for rolling, YCH heres are fine, but premade bases will not count for activity rolls.

           8. 🍱Please have an EXP breakdown listed somewhere in the description of each artwork.

    • 💖This helps our rollers verify what bonuses you are applying, so that the Kemata may be rewarded the correct amount of EXP.
    • 💖For more detailed info on EXP bonuses, click here>>> EXP Chart